Our Team

David M. Rankin
FCP Executive Director

David is an active leader of the FCP Vision Team. His lifelong commitment to living a life of faith is an inspiration to the team and the primary driving force for the FCP ministry in Tarentum. David excels in planning, implementing, and resourcing ventures that turn faith into actions that produce positive results. His ability to generate community support for improvement efforts in Tarentum is firmly established. Commitment, vision, and energy are words best used to describe his strengths.

Rev. Robert D. Dayton
FCP Board Member

Rev. Dayton currently serves as Pastor of Central Presbyterian Church of Tarentum.  He’s been a minister for 41 years, having served several congregations in western Pennsylvania and Hong Kong.  His spiritual leadership role at Central Church is a foundational element of the FCP ministry. Rev. Bob provides a bridge between the traditions of Central Church and the new directions of FCP.

Frances A. Jones
FCP Board Member

Fran is an active Elder at Central Presbyterian Church and a charter member of the FCP Vision Team. Her 42-year career in healthcare and as a community volunteer provides a unique perspective on the challenges faced by people in the Tarentum community. She sums up her highest goals for FCP: “Working with FCP will bring much-needed hope and renewal to our community.”

Joan Negley
FCP Board Member

Joan serves on the FCP Board of Directors and has been an active member of the FCP Vision Team since its inception. Joan brings enthusiasm, experience, and a strong track record of mobilizing volunteers and church members from her 20-plus years as a church administrator. “FCP isn’t for the faint of heart! Meeting our goals requires faith, effort, and creativity. I look forward to contributing all three.”

Pastor Sara Wrona
FCP Board Member

Pastor Wrona is a United Methodist minister serving several congregations in the Tarentum area. She has worked with the Central congregation in various capacities and gladly took on the role of FCP Board member and Vision Team participant. She brings organizational skills and a key sense of the spiritual, economic, and interpersonal challenges faced by people in this region. Her contribution spans denominational lines and reflects a personal and professional commitment to building working partnerships.

Gerald Driggs
Ground Floor Solutions

Ground Floor Solutions (GFS) has worked with the FCP Vision Team since it was first formed. Gerald and his associates bring 35 years of business and financial planning skills, as well as marketing, strategic planning, and business development experience that focuses on creating and maintaining successful social enterprises. GFS is the first business partner of the FCP organization with a strong commitment to a significant role in its development and operation.

Building A Stronger Community

Tarentum, Pennsylvania